why blog

I blog because...
 I love to learn and I love to write.
Putting what I've learned into words 
gives it more value than if I just kept it all to myself. 
It's the way I'm put together. 

I was the girl who'd write a book report even when it wasn't assigned.
I like the extra credit grade when I already have an A.
I love to research, read, and study. 
I make a great student but 
I didn't finish college. 
I have no credentials or fancy degree.

I do have the most gorgeous, smart, happy, and funny three children.
I started over and am blessed to have found love with my best friend.
 I make a creative, joy-filled home for the people with whom I do life.

I have well learned to do all kinds of things with my hands...
sewing, cooking, crafting, knitting, jewelry making,
decorating, taking pictures, planning and throwing parties.
I am a total project junkie.

And now gardening....
I am cautiously optimistic that I'll add it to my list. 
This blog gives me a place to write about it.
It's my research paper.

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