Sunday, January 29, 2012

naked trees

... that's what's outside my window. Naked trees.
Its's gray and gloomy. But, I love it. My living room is warm, the dark woodwork, over 100 years old gives off it's cozy glow. The walls painted to perfectly complement. It's been a lovely Sunday with sleeping in, down time to write, kids doing homework, reading and hanging out watching t.v.
Those naked trees with their gnarly branches stiff and twisted... it's hard to believe that in a few short weeks, the tiniest buds will arrive. Soon, these branches will be full of life, lush and green.
In fact, the first traces of new life can already be spotted off my back porch where the tiny white flowers appeared overnight to give off their sweet scent, to welcome us home again.
It will be February in 2 days and I'm looking forward to working in the garden again, thinking about what to plant, garden layout & design, and starting much earlier than last year. The blog will get a little overhaul and updated look with my 2012 garden thoughts.

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