Friday, November 18, 2011


It's cold.
I'm sitting at my desk still in my jammies wrapped up in a scarf,
drinking my third cup of tea, 
writing and writing, 
looking out at the garden. 
I had this visitor in the naked tree yesterday right out my window where I write.

I'm not a die-hard gardener. In fact, I still giggle when I say that I garden at all.
This makes me a fair weather gardener, I guess.
So, until the weather gets fairer,
you can find me writing here: 
 unraveling the mysteries of my not-so-perfect life  
keeping busy with our new catering business
and personal chef services

I may add gardening thoughts here occasionally as I think about next spring. 
But, mostly, I'll be cooking and writing for my family & friends.
I'd love for you to visit me there. 

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