Monday, October 24, 2011

winter over

I've sorta lost my gardening itch.
I guess it's the right time of year to lose it. We aren't doing winter crops. Crops. That makes me laugh... the fact that I am even using that word in regards to something I'm doing. Anyway. I'm done with the garden for now.

But, I'm not sure how to close up shop for the winter.
We have about 600 million leaves that fall from the beautiful 100 year old trees that line our sidewalk. I'm guessing these should be used as mulch.
The big question is: Do I pull up all the stuff that's still there?
There are still a ton of tomatoes and just when I think they're forever green, they turn. I ate two lovely cherry tomatoes this morning right off the vine. So, I don't feel quite right ripping the tomato plants out of the ground yet.

I think I'll wait a bit to put it all to bed or to rest or ready to winter over.

I've been busy with another kind of seed. We've been nurturing this business idea for quite a while now and I probably already posted about it here. But, we've sewn the seed and are watering the ideas and hoping they will grow into a real life, income producing business.

the catered happy hour


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