Saturday, September 10, 2011


I suppose since I did a post called failures, I should also do one called success. 
My first time garden has been such a learning experience. 
Meaning I want to keep gardening, not necessarily because it's been wildly successful but that I can see how I can do it better next time.  

Our lettuces were a HUGE success. 

We ate salad from our garden from May-mid August. I love that the kids would go pick salad fixings. Every time I asked them to run out and grab some lettuce for dinner, I smiled and felt proud. It felt so good that I'm thinking about a fall planting. We seem to have Indian summers here in the great Pacific Northwest, so I am fairly certain, something should work. But, unlike my Spring/Summer garden, I'm not going to go crazy reading every single book I can get my hands on and stressing over companion plantings, being my usual obsessive compulsive self. Instead, I'm gonna till some dirt, plant some seeds, and water until the rain takes over that chore. I'm using Portland Nursery's tip sheet as a guide and that's the extent of my research. 

Cabbage may join the Fall garden line up, too. 

And, after my broccoli experience, I may even try that again. 

Our tomatoes are providing us with continual deliciousness. 

While I'll still buy cucumbers to can pickles, we've had moderate success with cukes for salads. 

The "snappy peas" were a huge success and next time, we'll plant a billion more. 

Our herbs were growing out of control until I forgot to water them and the weather turned on me with a streak of 90+ degree days. They are now "dried" herbs. I snipped them back and already some new green growth is showing, thankfully. Basil WAS the big disappointment... I love Basil. I am happy to report that we have two lovely rows of Basil that are beautiful and delicious. 

So, if the weather could just cooperate with me, that would be super great. I want it to cool off a little... back to our usual 75 for these, my favorite September days. Then, I can get out there and work on some fall beds. 

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