Sunday, August 14, 2011

the cucumbers that could

Due to my pickle cravings, cucumbers were at the top of my garden wish list. 
We love cucumbers and we love pickles. 
In Spring, I planted three different kinds of cucumber seeds inside. 
I watched, carefully watered, and applauded their growth. 
I found an old clothes drying rack on and 
thought it'd make the perfect cuke trellis 
so I used that to mark out a cucumber bed in the garden. 
When they had sprouted true leaves, it was time to move 'em out.
My mom was here for a visit and wanted to dig.
So, we tilled the cucumber bed and transplanted the starts.

Then, tragedy struck.
The first night, three of the 28 plants disappeared.
Naughty squirrels.
A few days later, more were missing.

I found myself yelling at the squirrels from my 2nd floor bedroom window.
I even resorted to throwing things out the window to try and distract them.
 I had become the crazy garden lady.

Within a week, only 3 brave plants were left.

I immediately, reseeded directly into bed. 
Nothing happened.
I think the birds ate the seeds. 

Luckily, when I planted the first seeds, I had a handful left.
Too lazy to put them back into their package, 
I tossed them haphazardly into an empty pot sitting on the back porch.
Look what happened!

I cautiously teased apart the roots and transplanted these, 
my last hope for any cucumbers this season.
I used the top of our old bunny cage as a guard against squirrely predators.

I am pleased to report that my dreams of a cucumber harvest are alive and well.

I'm still not quite sure what kind these are,
at least we'll have some cucumbers... for pickling or slicing.
And, my trellis idea worked!

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