Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nope, Broccoli doesn't grow on trees OR bushes.

Growing Broccoli isn't quite what I expected. I'm not exactly sure of the origins of my Broccoli Bush idea but I now realize it's entirely wrong. Perhaps it's because my mom used to call Broccoli the "little trees" or maybe I just have a wild imagination fueled by my love for Dr. Seuss.

I planted 4 Broccoli starts and some by seed in the same garden bed. As the starts gathered strength and rooted in, the leaves grew and grew and grew. I kept waiting for something more to happen. Then, two of the four original starts disappeared. Something broke them off at the dirt and ate them. I suspect it was the coyote or maybe the squirrels. And now the slugs are working on the leaves of the two left. Poor Broccoli.

And still I waited for the plant to "bush" out so the Broccoli heads would appear. I was anticipating a medium sized bush with Broccoli heads growing sort of like a small Hydrangea.
Instead, something strange started happening. One Broccoli head has begun to grow from the middle of the slug ravaged leaves. 
And it's become quite apparent that, yes indeed, each plant produces just one big head of Broccoli. My friend, Mairin, assured me that after you harvest the central head, side shoots will sprout and they are more like a Broccolini. But, there will be no Broccoli bush. This gives me a huge appreciation for the farmers out there who are growing all that Broccoli we eat.
Something tells me that the Cauliflower isn't going to transform into a bush either. I wish I would have planted more than a handful of these lovelies. 

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