Monday, June 27, 2011

peas and thank you

Excitement abounds...
we have tons of Sugar Snap Peas ready to harvest, the Lettuce patch is out of control and I'll need to give some to the playdate parents tomorrow, and the Potatoes are growing SO fast that I can't keep them hilled. 

It was lovely to come home from a weekend away to such bounty. 
I think I just needed to be away for a few days so I could see the progress. 

Actually, everything looks really good.

Wednesday, I'll spend some time out there to clean up and take pictures... it's suppose to rain tomorrow. It looks a little messy and it's clear to me that the garden must be tended to regularly. I'm thinking about planting some more seeds in the few spots where things didn't "take." Time to flip through my seed packets and see what's left. 

We are busy with the launch of our new business fork & pint. Tomorrow, we go to liquor school to get our OLCC licenses so we can be all legal and stuff serving alcohol. To reward ourselves, we get to see My Morning JacketEdgefield. The rain is suppose to stop at 5pm... in time for the concert. 

I'll say a little prayer.
"Please rain on my garden tomorrow while I am @ alcohol school.
And pretty, pretty please stop raining in time for the outdoor concert.
That would really be a nice gesture!
Thank you in advance.

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