Monday, June 13, 2011

how to grow BASIL... or Not

This is what I dreamed of...
Can't you just smell that?
Instead, I've learned...
How NOT to Grow Basil
  • Don't grow Basil inside from seed then try and transplant it.
  • Don't plant it by seed under a lovely, big tree in your yard, surrounded by marigolds carefully planted also by seed so when they grow they'd make a sweet pattern with the four different varieties of Basil.
  • Nope, don't toss seeds into the soil in your park strip that hasn't been amended or properly composted.
  • Don't sow seeds in a rustic terra cotta pot with hopes for it to grow into a lovely plant that could perhaps be an end of the year gift for your child's teacher. 
Ok, so to be fair to my little seedlings, the ones from inside could still make it...
but, it's taking

I am just NOT that patient
Get a move on the growing already. 
Just to be sure I can't grow them from seed, 
I planted an entire row down one of the beds and 
their little seed leaves are just poking thru the dirt. 
I am not hopeful. 
And in the spirit of full disclosure, 
I confess that I couldn't stand it anymore... 
I broke down and bought a darling Basil Beauty 
at Trader Joe's over the weekend for $2.99. 

The scent of Basil is so delicious!
 In fact, I am also slightly obsessed with the scent of tomato leaves. 
On my way to the car, I find myself taking a side trip
 to brush the basil with the tip of my fingers 
and give a tomato leaf a little rub. 
Then, I sit in the car and inhale two of the most perfect olfactory hues. 

I am a sniffer, I admit. 
I sniff lots of things. 
I sniff my kids. 
I love to sniff my guy's beard. 
It must have something to do with pheromones. 
And, I know it's weird but I just can't help it. 
I've been blessed with a dramatic sense of smell. 
On the flip side, I have terrible eyesight 
so my sniffing must be an overcompensation.

Tomato Leaves... I can smell these, too, just from the picture!
I've read that Basil can be difficult and moody. 
It needs lots of sun. 
We haven't seen the sun much in these parts.
The seeds typically take a long time to get with the program. 
So, I realize my expectations were absolutely unrealistic. 
I am not giving up completely and 
I am totally in love with my store bought sweet thing. 

I'm curious about your Basil. 
How does your Basil garden grow?

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