Thursday, June 9, 2011

a day in the life

I love my Garden Notebook.
Here is my journal entry for May 16th:
  • planted Rhubarb root
  • moved Azalea to near back porch Back stairs
  • planted Sunflower Sseds where Azalea was originally planted (after soaking seeds for 2 hours)
  • tossed Arugula seeds in terra cotta pot with potting soil (see how that works compared to planting in ground... might make a nice gift)
  • put some Cuke seeds in green pot out in full afternoon sun---back up plan just in case starts don't love their new home
  • put Arugula seeds in Lettuce bed (*remember to plant more lettuces in about 2 weeks... succession planting*)
  • planted Kentucky Pole Beans w/ Carrots & Peas
  • tied up Sugar Peas
  • planted French Bush Beans in Strawberry Bed
  • moved Radish starts (from seed inside) to end of Tomato bed
... and here's what I did yesterday: 
  • finished lining big beds with Bricks
  • hilled Potatoes
  • trellised up the original 6 Tomato plants trimming back the non-flowering branches
  • added smaller bed and lined with Brick
  • transplanted seedling starts (after sufficient hardening off) from inside to the new bed: Bell Pepper, Torpedo Onions, & Cilantro

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