Thursday, May 26, 2011

once upon a time

Once upon a time, when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, spring 2001, I planned a garden.

We'd spent the previous year planning our dream house to be be built on property purchased in a new "planned" community. Unfortunately, it turns out the lot was situated on an ancient landslide. My ex, being a land developer, didn't like that. So, with a 2 year old, Lauren, and a baby, Dylan, on the way, we started the search for a home. We spent  Sunday after Sunday making rounds at Open Houses. We  found a house and I fell in love.

The house wasn't grand but it was quaint with room to expand, close to downtown, and move in ready. It had a lovely deck and back porch that opened up to a half acre yard (unheard of in our area) with a huge plot perfect for gardening. The owners had gardened in previous years with such a bountiful harvest, they sold at our local farmer's market. I was enamored with the idea and had visions of me in a cute straw hat selling my luscious home grown veggies. We made an offer on the house.

Keep in mind that I didn't even own a house plant. But, being the all or nothing kind of girl that I am, I bought 10 books on gardening and read them cover to cover, started a garden notebook, and began to plan. I sneaked over to "our" new house a dozen times and walked around the garden, nesting and planning. I distinctly remember being in my favorite gap overalls and my baby bump barely poking out, chasing Lauren around their yard and then racing back to our car in embarrassment because the real owners had driven up.

Then we got the call. They'd decided to sell to a family friend. I don't think it was because I was stalking the house but I'll never really know. My garden dreams were dashed. Of course, we ended up finding a house and life goes on but I never got the garden bug like that again. I've always thought it was just the pregnancy hormones that sent me out on that tangent. I did keep those books for years, just in case. Ironically, I donated the whole box of them about 2 summers ago. How I wish I would have saved them just a bit longer!

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