Saturday, May 28, 2011

makin' beds

Before I started digging, I'd read enough to know that my soil was probably going to need some work and the first thing to do was dig up the beds. With my found tools in hand, I traced out the first bed with the freshly oiled wheelie thing. It worked okay. I went in search of string, stakes, and a measuring tape. But, came back with twine, bamboo skewers from my kitchen junk drawer, and a tiny measuring tape.

I'd seen pictures of gardens all staked out in an organized fashion but my measuring tape wasn't cooperating and the kids had all fled after seeing my big plans for the day. Actually, they were spending the day with their dad so I wasn't expecting help. So, back in the grungy garage, I found a T-Square (I had to text just now to find out the proper name of the big metal T, ruler thing). It worked really well to help me make almost straight lines on the 2nd bed. I used the skewers as stakes and wrapped the twine around but I am not really sure what purpose that serves. And, by the 3d bed, I'd tossed everything aside except for a spade. I have a pretty good sense of space and from then on, I just eyeballed everything. Six hours later I was sweaty, filthy, sun kissed, and sore but I had dug up, tilled, and toiled 7 garden beds.


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